Carpentry and joinery

Delivery of prepared wood products to the construction site, installation of rafters, window and door structures, flooring from parquet or boards.


Concrete and reinforced concrete works

Preparation of the concrete mixture, transportation of the mixture to the construction site, laying the concrete mixture into a ready-made formwork with a compactor, subsequent care of the concrete, which consists in creating conditions for optimal curing of the mixture, carrying out monolithic works (sealing joints between elements of prefabricated structures), construction of the formwork and reinforcement sites for the creation of monolithic structures.


Stone work

The construction of supports, walls, pillars, arches from building materials such as brick, concrete blocks, natural stone, etc.


Pile work

Construction of pile foundations with immersion or driving of piles.



Excavation for a pit, trench, pit, strip foundation, cellars, free-standing supports or underground utilities


Construction works

Erection, reconstruction, restoration, expansion of permanent and temporary buildings, which are associated with the installation of metal, reinforced concrete, wood and other structures.